A HEALTH Risk Prevention and Maintenance PROGRAM That works

For years companies have been taking advantage of cafeteria plans to reduce payroll taxes. The Risk Prevention and Maintenance Program is the latest innovation in this commonly-used platform. It is a fully insured cafeteria Plan. This program allows contributions on a pre-tax basis by implementing a qualified Risk Prevention and Maintenance Program.

The Risk Prevention and Maintenance program is a systematic approach to improving lives using individualized strategies and one on one teaching. With the Risk Prevention and Maintenance Program, your payroll taxes will be reduced by using a Sec.125 and the tax savings for each employee can be used to purchase health insurance and supplemental coverage that can replace lost wages, pay out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles, and other expenses not covered by your current major medical plan. Due to the Risk Prevention and Maintenance Program‘s design, this can be structured to not affect your net take home pay.

There are many different types of health insurance and supplemental insurance you can select to cover you and your eligible dependents such as:

*Eliminates your major medical deductible and co-insurance

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